Friday, January 16, 2009

A Month update of being home

It has been a month since I have been back home from Bible College. I have not done a blog entry in a while because I took a media fast with my church, so let me update you in all that has been happening this last month. First, I got the opportunity to intern with my church WestGate while back at home until August. With this job, I get the opportunity to do leadership, contact and event planning. Besides that I will be working at my old job "Dolce Spazio" an Italian cafe in the downtown area of Los Gatos. The boss there is really great and always lets me come back in and work when I am home.

Last week I got to go the Calvary Chapel's missions conference at the main campus! It was so great to see Pastor Tommy and family there as well as other friends from previous semesters and some famous missionaries. Famous missionaries you may ask... Frank Drowns was there with his wife! He walked up to us and started talking but I was too busy eating my muffin and had no idea who he was until someone told me... so in case you were like me, he was a missionary in Ecuador who was associated with Nate Saint from "The end of the Spear" and "Beyond the Gates of Splender." He was the missionary pilate who found the bodies of the missionaries who had been speared by the ones they were trying to minister to. If you have not seen either of these movies... stop reading this and go watch it! :) No but seriously it was so great getting to meet him a second time when I knew who he was. It was so encouraging to be there around all these missionaries and again I felt God press on my heart a passions for being a missionary overseas. It gets me so excited for what the Lord has in store in the future and what He is using this time now to prepare me for. So I ask for your prayers that I would not become complacent with being back home for a long amount of time and that I would continue being stretched and seeking the Lord first in everything I do. Please also pray for the ministry at WestGate college group called "Awakening" and what the Lord wants to do there for His kingdom! :)