Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Visit to the Bible College in Lima!

I was blessed my first semester of Bible College to live with 3 latin girls: Karina, Belen and Sandra from Honduras, Ecuador and Peru! We use to wake up at 5 every morning as a room and pray together, and I got to practice Spanish with them! SO fun! When I was here before Lili used to live far but she just moved houses a few months ago and now lives a few blocks away from the Bible College. Yesterday we walked over to the college to visit Karina and Belen who were still there taking finals before flying back home! They both just graduated and Sandra just got married! It was so great to see them and to see other friends at the Bible College! :) From left to right (Lili, Belen, Jess, Karina)

Here in Peru!! :)

I'm here!! Lili and her mom and sister came to pick me up at the airport on Monday early early in the morning! After being on the flight and trying to communicate with two Peruvian women and failing, I was afraid that I forgot a lot of my Spanish and that these next few weeks would be all about practicing. What a blessing though that when with my Peruvian family here it becomes so natural! It's so good to be here again! After a year and a half, it feels like there has been no time in between and catch-up time with Lili and family has been such a blessing! Keep Lili's family in prayer, they are such a gift to me!! (mommy- Julia, sister- Lorena)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Last day in SoCal

Okay so let me be honest... I was kinda bummed with myself for buying the wrong ticket and flying home a day later, lessening my time to pack and get ready before going to Peru. There was nothing I could do about it and I knew there had to be a bigger reason why it happen, and let me just tell ya, It was one of the best days of my life!! Thursday night after graduation I went to my friend Suzie's house and got to relax and hang out. The next morning, Andrew and Aaron from the Bible College came to pick us up from her house for an adventured-filled-day in LA. First stop was to Andrew's church where he shared with us from Acts chapter 2 and speaking prophecy over each other by reading scripture to one another and praying for however the spirit would lead. I was so blessed as we got to pray for each other before departing, and also blessed that they laid hands and prayed for me for the trip to Peru. From there we drove through the city with minor stops for some good grubbin' and made our way to Andrew's mom's restaurant. We got to put aprons on and go into the kitchen and make our own food! I felt like we were on a TV show.. it was good practice in learning how to cook for me! :) From there Japan, China and Korea town with lots more samples and stuffed bellies! WIth fun conversations, a day covered in prayer and lots and lots of laughter, time flew by so quickly before it was time they dropped me off at LAX and headed back home! To me it was such an example of God's faithfulness that He shows through the love of friends. Imagine this.. think of someone who loves you and encourages you so much... now get this... how much more does God love you! My friends just give me a larger view of who God is and how much He loves and is involved in our lives!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mexico Missions trip

I have been attending a church in southern California called Calvary Chapel Canyon Hills. Through this church I heard of a missions trip going down to Mexico for a weekend to work at Jon Courson from Applegate church’s orphanage. There was a group of four of us Bible College students that joined the team as we headed over the border Friday. We got to serve at this ranch along side 30 students studying the Word and loving on the orphans there. The orphanage was started years back by Jon with the purpose of caring for children with disabilities. Each year students go for 9 months and study the Word of God and intern serving the orphans there. They live with them, help them get ready each morning, and get them to bed at night. The Saturday night we were there was Halloween and as we were having a bonfire and worship under the stars, little children from the town nearby came in their costumes saying to the Americans “tricky tricky Halloween!” The Spanish version in Mexico of “trick-o-treat.” So cute! After a day of getting to serve along side the students there, we sat around a bonfire under the stars worshipping an sharing what the Lord revealed to us that day. The day was such a blessing and so humbling in being able to help the orphans get dressed and ready for the day, going on walks and helping them brush their teeth and do their hair. As someone well put it during the worship; serving the orphans is a perfect example of our relationship with God. They are completely dependent on us to take care of them and care for their needs as we are to be dependent on the Lord to take of us and care for our needs. It was such a great weekend!