Saturday, November 7, 2009

A visit!

Emily and Leslie came up for a day to the campus to hang out and catch up! It was such a blessing to be able to see them and hear what all has been going on in their lives. Emily got married almost 2 years ago and is now living in Alabama with her husband... soon moving to Tennessee for the military, and Leslie is in her senior year at Point Loma for nursing. What an encouragement they are! Leslie and I were accountability partners 3 years ago and Emily and I were in a summer Bible Study together. After spending the day chatting we decided to add a little adventure in and go ice-blocking; the adventure mainly being trying to drive around and find an ice block. New to ice-blocking? No worries, I was a rookie. It's pretty simple... you buy a block of ice (Albertsons if you were wondering), find a grassy hill, grab a towel to cushion the block, and sit down for a ride! Wa-la! It's kinda of like summer sledding! Please keep these girls in your prayers and the ways the Lord is going to use them!