Monday, April 19, 2010

From South to North!

Since Hollie won't be here when we go as a class to the Sea of Galilee, Justin and I got to go with Dave and Hollie and tour as much of Israel as we could in a 3 day span. We went from the tip of the Read Sea in Eilat and traveled up to go swim in the Dead Sea (Sooo fun!.. it feels like you are flying when you lay on your belly and float), to Masada, En Ghedi to the waterfalls where David hid from Saul, and then up to the Sea of Galilee. We got to Galilee and stayed in Tiberius and went to Capernaum to see the Synagogue where Jesus first started His ministry, Peter's house, the place where Jesus cast the demons into the swine at the steepest part of the mountain, the mount of Beattitudes, the Jordan River, where Peter proclaimed Jesus the Christ and saw the mount of where we think is the mount of transfiguration from Matthew 17! Wow so much! It was such a blessing.. and to think that Jesus walked on that water.. the thing that stood out to me the most is that the Galilee is 3 miles by 11 miles and as we drove all the way around it, anywhere that you stood on the side you could have been able to witness a man walking across the water! How cool would it have been to be out one early morning around the lake and to look up seeing a man walking on water to a boat!! Ca-razy!

Spring Break

We had Spring Break 2 weeks ago from classes and a group of us took a bus trip to Tel Aviv to go to the Mediterranean Sea and then the next day we took a bus trip down to Eilat by the Red Sea to hang out by the beach. We stayed at some fun hippie hostel and went to the beach during the day and went snorkeling and to an aquarium. It was such an adventure as we got a little lost trying to find where we were staying and did a square walk around the city! :) Dave and Hollie (from Murrieta to teach the next block class) flew to Tel Aviv and from there drove to meet us in Eilat to hang out. So fun to have them here! It was so relaxing to be able to hang out at the beach with everyone and to see the Red Sea!