Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Happy New Year!! 2010 is still so weird on paper. Lili and I celebrated the New Year in the south. On the 30th Lili and I with a bunch of friends took a sailboat through the night to a beach house where a friend lived. After lots of swaying and some sick on the boat we arrived to meet the rest of the group at the beach house there. With lots of Uno, cards, charades, and games we hung out until midnight and celebrated on the roof with fireworks, a BBQ and dancing until the wee hours of the morning. The next day we took the sailboat around to the beaches nearby and had a fun adventure of camping at the house as the whole island ran out of running water. We found creative ways to shower, brush our teeth and wash dishes as it became a new game! The whole trip was so much fun!

Sushi!!! yum!

A few weeks ago I got to go along with Lili to one of her advisory meetings. Her friend Rossana taught us how to make sushi and we both got the opportunity to make our own rolls and experiment! She is so sweet! In a few weeks a group from MUN (Students from the University here in Lima going to Boston to debate for Harvard Model United Nations this February). Rossana is researching Violence against Women and the Feminization of Poverty. Over a sushi lunch we got to brainstorm ideas for her debate. I've gotten to meet a lot of Lili's friends through MUN and they are all so sweet and such a blessing to me! Please pray for them as they travel to the states and get to have this awesome opportunity and time together!

Christmas shopping!

It was Christmas eve and lili and I went to the mall with her cousin but made a game out of it as we were surrounded by a crowd of people running around. It felt like we were in a movie as we danced and people around us ran in a hurry. On Christmas Eve we stay up until Midnight when we celebrate with family through food and fire works. A friend of Lili's family blessed us with a turkey and this year I actually was able to stay up until midnight to eat! haha two years ago I passed out on the couch waiting as Lili's aunts and uncles danced around for the countdown.