Wednesday, September 15, 2010

dad and Justin in Murrieta!

Last weekend for Labor Day weekend my dad and brother drove down to come visit. Andrew and I felt so loved that they took time away and came to hang out on campus with us. It went so quick but it also makes San Jose and Murrieta feel so close when we know they are a drive away. It's out turn next to go up and visit them! (maybe Thanksgiving?)
Since Andrew and I are both carless, my dad wanted to bless me with a bike for an early Christmas present, so we went to Walmart to pick one out. The last bike experience I had was in Peru when I ran into a tree because I forgot the breaks were on the handlebars and not by backpedaling. It was an eventful day trying to re-remember how to ride a bike after we got it, and a day full of laughter in facing my fears again. Just last night I finally rode my bike on campus and am starting to get the hang of it again. :) Now my prayer is to get a job soon since I have some transportation!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Fall 2010 Semester begins!

Students are here, the campus is filled and classes are in full motion. It has been so sweet getting to see friends from previous semesters and see a fresh variety of returning students and first semester students. Michelle, a dear friend from our first semester together in Peru is attending her last semester here for graduation! So sweet that we have been able to start together in Peru and finish together in Murrieta. I'm on my fifth ( or.. forth and a quarter) semester taking Acts, History of Redemption/Theology, and Intern class, finishing up on the classes I couldn't take while in Israel while beginning an internship under the dean of women. It has been such a blessing to be back on campus and be able to experience another semester here at Murrieta. I will miss Israel this semester, but such a blessing to be near Andrew's and my family to be able to see them often. This weekend my dad and brother will be driving down to visit and be able to have time away to relax. I'm so excited to see them and to have them get to experience the Murrieta Bible College experience! :)