Monday, March 30, 2009


Our Church is taking two trips over to Haiti this summer. It has been so encouraging these last few months in being back home from Bible College to hear my dad's heart and his love for the Philippines since he got back from his trip in February! I have been talking to my dad about this desire to serve in third world Countries, being the hands and feet of Jesus to the community, for years now. A few weeks ago, Young Adults Pastor Drew, spoke at Awakening during our series on finances, talking about "Consumerism verses Compassion." He talked about them being opposites and gave examples of what two dollars a day could do in some countries. It stirred up in my heart again a reality and a desire to love on poeple around the World who are undergoing starvation and neglection. It was around this same time that I was praying if God was calling me to go to Haiti or not for a 10 day Missions trip. After that message at Awakening, and after my dad blessed me with support for the trip, I also recieved an email from the Church saying I was accepted to go! So doors are opened and God is providing!! I'm super excited! Want to hear another crazy part? The Leader of my dad's Small Group are in the same group going to Haiti as I am!! :) Please keep this trip in your prayers and also the country of Haiti! I will be putting more updates about this soon!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Meet Christina!! :)

Christina is a friend who has been staying here in San Jose for the last few months visiting her brother! It has been such a great blessing to have her here staying with us! I first met her at Awakening's Winter Retreat back in January but had no idea God would bless such a great friendship from it! We found out we had the same background of going to Calvary Chapel Bible College and the same dreams of ministry and serving! For the last few months a group of six of us girls have been meeting together at a coffee shop every Thursday morning at 6:30am for prayer and accountability! God has blessed this group so much and the friendships that have been growing in it! It was so great to have Christina with us! This morning she headed back home to Hawaii and we will miss her very much! I'm praying that just as God allowed our paths to cross here in San Jose that they will cross again soon! We miss you Christina!

Liliana from Peru in San Jose!

I have not been keeping up with posting blogs lately, but let me update you on some key events that happened in this last month! My best friend Liliana from Peru got to visit here in San Jose for a week! She was doing a debate for United Nations at Harvard University and then came to stay with me! It was such a blessing to be able to spend time with her and catch up and practice some Spanish! Lili has been such a great blessing in my life and the friend that first introduced me to Bible College! We have been going back and forth staying with each other the last 5 years, and through my friendship with her, God has inspired me and given me visions in serving Him! She is the one who taught me Spanish and gave me the dream to one day be able to translate! :) Please pray for Lili as she goes back home and finishes up her last few semester as a Law Student!