Monday, February 27, 2012

Christ and the Church

Jesus calls those who have responded to the call of salvation on their lives- the Bride of Christ. I’ve been asking the Lord to reveal to me a deeper picture of His love; and it is through this picture of Christ and how he loves His bride so supremely that I’ve been able to see His sacrificial and self-giving love for us.
Jesus called His bride by name. He initiated a relationship with her and woos her to Himself. He redeems her from a destructive and reckless life and gives her new life. He gives her truth. He forgives her completely. He cleanses and washes her with His life-giving words. He introduces her to His Almighty Father. He dies for her that she may experience freedom from bondage and be one day risen with Him. He goes to prepare a place for her while all the while still wooing her and preparing her for Him. He sends His comforter to her. He speaks to her telling her who He sees her as: you’re flawless, you’re perfect, you are made righteous, you are pure, you are all together lovely, you are without blame or spot. He sings over her and calls her to walk in deeper intimacy trusting Him. He prays over her and intercedes on behalf of her. He speaks to her of His plan for her life. He gives her promises to sustain her during dry times, and gives her instruction to guide her. He leaves her with guidelines, and teaches her how to live. He loves others through her and allows her hands to be like His hands. He gives her a purpose and a hope. And one day He will present her to Himself. I imagine He looks forward to that day eagerly... and until that day, He leaves her with a letter he wrote to her..

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