Monday, March 19, 2012

God's comfort when we experience a loss

Last night we got to celebrate the life of one the students that went to be with the Lord. It's still a shock to think that just a few days our beloved brother was walking next to us, and to try to imagine him now walking with Jesus, it brings a deeper revelation of how quickly it will come the day the Lord calls us to be in His presence. Patrick walked with the Lord. He loved Jesus and spent the last 2 years at the Bible College studying the Word of God- Now Patrick transitioned to see the Word of God. This brings a great understanding of what a great privilege it is on this earth to not just "know" Jesus but to "know/experience" Jesus. I heard this quote this last weekend while in Mexico: "he isn't just a fan of Jesus but he is a follower." You see to be a fan of someone implies that you can factually know about that person. To be a follower implies that you have experienced that person; you know how they would respond, what their expression would be, what the tone of their voice would be like. Patrick wasn't a fan of Jesus only... he was a follower.
So how does God comfort those who Patrick's life impacted? We know that Patrick is tangibly comforted by the hand of God and in His presence, but what about his family that misses him? I was so blessed by this this morning from a study I am doing with a group. The passage was from John 11 and how Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead. When he came to where Mary and Martha were mourning amongst a crowd, seeing them crying, He too wept. The important thing to note is that Jesus knew the outcome of what was to come of this situation and the reason behind it. But He still wept. Why did Jesus weep if He knew the bigger picture of the "why's"? Jesus wept not because of Lazarus' death, but because of the ones who were hurting and left behind. For those who are hurting, God demonstrates His comfort by accompanying us in our pain. Jesus comes along side of us and weeps when we weep. We can be comforted in knowing that Jesus cares and He meets us in the place we are at. Not only does Jesus meet us where we are at, but He gives us an eternal hope as an eternal comfort. While Jesus was talking to Martha, he revealed Himself as the resurrection and the life! Jesus has conquered death and has given us resurrection life, that although we may pass from this earth, we will raise with Him where He is seated. He is the door- our access, He is the life- able to bring new life, He is the way- the only way to the Father, He is the hope I hope- a hope that overcomes sin and death! I hope this blesses you in whatever state your heart is at when you read this. I pray that you allow God to teach you more intimately through pain or even in the calm that He is your comfort; that He offers the answer to your comfort in hope of eternal life. Please keep Patrick's parents and loved ones in your prayers!

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ChristyJunod said...

Thank you, Jess! This is very encouraging:)